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    Fri 10th & Sat 11th Sept 2021. Skydive Langar.


    Registration opens 1st July 2021



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    What is Rookie Rumble?

    A fun friendly 3way FS competition for newly qualified skydivers from any Dropzone.

    • Three flyers per team

    • Two 'rookies' per team

    • One coach per team

    • Forty 'rookie' competitors in total

    • Twenty teams

    • Six rounds

    • Two days

    • Epic prizes

    • One winner

    Each round competitors jump with a different rookie teammate and a different coach. Everyone carries their individual score through the event. The person with the most points is champion. There can be only one.

    Who will be the champion? Will the trophy stay at Hinton? Or will bragging rights head to another DZ? Or back to Langar?

    The history?

    RookieFest has been a firm favourite at Skydive Chicago ('SDC') for the past decade. 2018 saw approximately 85-90 Rookies competing. Run under the wing of SDC Rhythm XP 4way team it is hugely popular.

    • It's great for retention of lower experience skydivers.
    • It's great for showing off the host DZ.

    SDC were very happy for us to start a UK version but asked us to avoid the same name. Hence... Rookie Rumble. :-)

    And in 2019, the very first Rookie Rumble took place at Langar. We capped the event at 20 competitors for the first year and we did so again in 2020 given world events. 2021... we go big.

    First place went to the least experienced skydiver taking part Jasmine Manders. Second place, by just one point, went to the most experienced skydiver taking part with 300+ jumps Bejay Cutmore. Third place was achieved by Phil Taylor.


    First place went to the most experienced skydiver taking part Claire Holland. Second place by just two points was the second least experienced skydiver Tom Dent. Third place went to the ninth most experienced skydiver Amy Perry.

    Literally, anyone can win.

    When is Rookie Rumble?

    First weekend of Langar Boogie 2. Friday 10th and Saturday 11th September 2021.

    Sunday is 'recovery from party' day and a day for fun bigway jumps with new found friends.


    In exceptional circumstances Sunday could be a backup day.

    Who is Rookie Rumble for?

    Rookie competitors can qualify in two ways.


    Rookies must have held their A licence for less than two years
    have less than 200 jumps..

    All competitors MUST have FS1.


    To clarify, if you have 600 jumps and you have been qualified less than two years. Good for you! You can compete.


    If you have been qualified for 5 years but only have 100 jumps. What have you been doing? But you can compete.

  • I want to know more.

    Have a listen to this interview with Steven Lefkowitz from top US 4wayFS team SDC Rhythm XP. It starts about 1hr 25mins into Episode 58 of Radio Skydive UK. www.radioskydive.uk


  • How much does Rookie Rumble cost? TBC

    2020 costs for indication only. 2021 will be confirmed a bit closer.


    Rookie Rumble 2020 is 6 rounds.

    Competitors benefit from free coaching.

    Coach wears internal video for judging purposes.

    No external video costs to keep the cost down.

    Competitors are expected to cover coaches slot and pack jobs. No extra costs.

    Total cost per participant: £36 registration fee + 9 jump tickets.


    This is worked out from:

    6 jumps. Everyone puts in 1.5 tickets per jump to cover the coach slot.

    6 coach pack jobs is £30 -> £15 each.


    The registration fee includes the packing money for your coaches, the cost of hiring in a judge and a small contingency buffer. This event is not planned to make a profit.


    Just bring 9 jump tickets to manifest at the start of the competition.


    You can get a discount if you buy 10 jump tickets in a block. And that leaves you one left over for the Load Organising on the Sunday. :-)

    How does Rookie Rumble work?

    Competitors are ranked by experience level. (Jump numbers and tunnel time... 60mins tunnel is equivalent to 90 jumps). And each round they jump with a different rookie and a different coach.


    Each competitor carries their individual score through the event. The person with the most points is champion. There can be only one.


    Judges and lead organiser have complete discretion over the competition and will act fairly. Everyone knows benevolent dictators are best afterall. Judges decision final.

    What can I win at Rookie Rumble?

    2020 prizes for indication only. 2021 tbc.

    3rd Prize

    Pair of skydiving gloves, courtesy of AirSupply


    2nd Prize

    25% off a Galaxy Altimeter, courtesy of Alti-2 Europe


    1st Prize

    30% off any Javelin container, courtesy of Sun Path Products

    50% off G4, courtesy of Cookie Helmets

    25% off a Cypres AAD, courtesy of Airtec

    xx% off a Symbi jumpsuit, courtesy of Symbi Suits.

    25% off Atlas digital alti (audible and/or visual), courtesy of Alti-2 Europe

    XX% off x, courtesy of Performance Designs


    I want to take part in Rookie Rumble

    Excellent news. Just click one of the buttons to register interest for 2021.

    Your slot is confirmed upon

    1) completion of the registration form


    2) the £xx registration fee being paid.


    Note: you'll need the date you qualified for your A licence handy.

    What about bad weather?

    Every good skydiver has a Plan B and we will have a full plan of seminars and activities for bad weather. It's impossible to have this many top coaches on a DZ at the same time and not be able to learn something. This would be one of those days where you learn more on a bad weather day than you would on a good weather day.

    We will not postpone the event unless the DZ postpones the tandem program in advance.

    We may, however, delay the start time if the forecast is consistently very poor.


  • 2020 Prizes

    What was on offer at Rookie Rumble?


    Sun Path Products Inc

    xx% off any Sun Path container


    Cookie Helmets

    xx% off a Cookie G4 helmet


    Airtec (CYPRES) Gmbh

    xx% off a CYPRES AAD


    Plus a small something for everyone. Thank you Airtec!

    Symbi Suits

    xx% off a Symbi suit



    Symbi will be attending with a stand and will offer free jumpsuit repairs. Legends.


    Why not get yourself measured up for a suit? No obligation to buy.

    Alti-2 Europe

    xx% off Atlas Digital Alti (audible or visual, you choose how you want to use it)

    xx% off Galaxy Altimeter




    Courtesy of Skydive Tilstock (TBC)... the winners of 18th, 19th and 20th place win 30mins coached time. 10 mins each.


    Free coaching from Brian.


    Bedford, Basingstoke, Manchester, Birmingham

    (TBC - times and dates to align with coach availability)

    Performance Designs

    1st place $100 voucher

    2nd place $50 voucher

    3rd place $50 voucher


    Also, gloves and tshirts available.


    Air Supply

    Helmet Bag

  • 2021 Coaches

    Langar is blessed with top FS coaches. 2021 line up to be finalised. If you want to be a coach, drop Brian a line.

    Liz Matthews - confirmed

    World Champion

    400way World Record holder.
    4wayFS Women's World Champion.
    British National Champion in 4wayFS and 8wayFS. Holds UK record for highest competition average by a women's team. A very modest legend. (Saturday only)

    Sarah Ashworth - confirmed

    Chimera AAA

    British National Silver Medallist. Represented UK at World Cup 2019. Will be representing the UK at World Championships in Siberia in 2021 and also at the Indoor Skydiving Championships.

    Martin Soulsby - confirmed

    15x 8wayFS British National Champion​

    BPA Chair 2010-2019

    Passionate about bringing on new skydivers.

    Some other stuff. Oh yeah, being sent to Siberia to represent the UK* at the 8way World Championships in 2021.


    Photo by Rob Lloyd

    *either 8wayFS or for talking too much. He's world class at both.

    Laura Hampton - confirmed

    Chimera AAA​

    British National Silver Medallist. Represented UK at World Cup 2019. Will be representing the UK at World Championships in Siberia in 2021 and also at the Indoor Skydiving Championships.

    Emily Aucutt - (tbc)

    BPA Instructor of the Year 2019

    Smiley FS ninja. Medal winning AA 4wayFS competitor. Womens large formation FS World Record Holder. BPA AFF Instructor.


    Photo by Bogdan Pistea

    Phil Curtis (confirmed)


    11k jumps, 5x 8way National Champion, 4x Large Formation World Record holder, 16way World Cup medallist, 4way National Medallist. Likes Martin Soulsby to tell him what to do.


    Photo by Amy Harrison

    Rai Ahmed - (confirmed)

    Kaizen/NFTO AAA

    4way World Cup medallist.

    Photo by Rob Lloyd

    Brian Cumming - confirmed

    Some dude. Did some stuff once. Maybe twice. Whoa.


    Photo by Paul Rimmington

    Hayley Jones - (tbc)

    Symbi Suits Managing Director

    AA 4way medal winner. Runs Symbi Suits. Get yourself measured up for a new suit or get your current suit (any manufacturer) repaired for free. Talks quickly. Flies quicker.


    Photo by Rob Lloyd

    Jodie-Leigh Foster - (tbc)

    Pajama Pumas AAA

    Went to World Cup in 2019 representing the UK. Regular FS coach at Langar. Terrible taste in boys.

    Matt Cumming - confirmed

    Pyjama Pumas AAA

    Tries to keep up with his gf. Manages sometimes. Bit unhappy with his write up on this website.

    Jordan Simcoe - confirmed

    AAA competitor​

    Regular FS coach. Bit of a ninja. Bought all the other coaches beer as a bribe to be able to take part in 2020.

    Ros Pulham - (tbc)

    8way National Champ

    If you're a Marvel film fan, you might be watching some of Ros' work this summer.

  • Who competed at Rookie Rumble 2020?

    First come, first served. This event filled up way quicker than we expected. We ran a reserve list in case of last minute drop outs.


    1) Mike Bull, July 2018, 168 jumps, Langar

    2) Angel FernandeZ, June 2018, 81 jumps, Langar

    3a) Emily Napier (Friday), Feb 2019, 50 jumps, Langar

    3b) Jack Bishop (Saturday), Jan 2019, 60 jumps, Langar

    4) Daniel Staples, July 2019, 81 jumps, Langar

    5) Paul Flood, June 2019, 75 jumps, Netheravon


    6) Ruth, Dec 2018, 103 jumps, Hinton

    7) Suzie Whitehurst, April 2019, 140 jumps, Tilstock

    8) Giles Moon, Aug 2018, 70 jumps, Netheravon/Langar

    9) Julie Murray, April 2019, 99 jumps, Tilstock

    10) Elisha Zeiss, Jul 2019, 69 jumps, Langar


    11) Max Samuel, Oct 2019, 75 jumps, GoSkydive

    12) Katie Balmer, Aug 2018, 154 jumps, Hibaldstow

    13) Amy Perry, Aug 2018, 124 jumps, Chatteris

    14) Tom Dent, Feb 2017, 84, Langar

    15) Bradley Shelton, Sept 2019, 107 jumps, Hibaldstow


    16) Leonie Stromich, Aug 2018, 62 jumps, Langar

    17) Claire Holland, July 2019, 135 jumps, Hinton

    18) Lucy Smith, Dec 2018, 67 jumps, Headcorn

    19) Frantisek Bolek, July 2019, 99 jumps, Redlands/homeless :-(

    20) Jon Simister, Aug 2017, 73 jumps, Langar

    *If anyone registered above, who has been qualified for more than 2 years, racks up more than 200 jumps before the competition, then they become eligible to compete in the 'Open' category. Jumpers in the 'Open' category are not eligible for the prizes. The next reserve will be called up to participate in the competition.


    The 'Open' category is for people who are not Rookies or are Rookies but aren't in the competition. Please feel free to put a 3way team together at manifest on the day and join us in jumping the competition dives. Only Rookies can win prizes.

    Reserve list - if we can fill 10 more spots... we can expand the competition. We have enough coaches and 3 planes available. It'd be rude not to.

    21) Sophie Fretwell, June 2019, 65 jumps, Langar

    22) Nick Williams, April 1992, 171 jumps, Headcorn (I feel like there is a story here)

    23) Anastasiia Solonitsyna, Jan 2020, 90 jumps, Langar

    24) Edgar Lisboa, March 2019, 105 jumps, Hib